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I keep randomly running into soldiers, veterans and civil servants such as medical professionals and police who over several meetings have communicated to me that they are having difficulties with PTSD, anxiety, anger, headaches, nightmares and/or moments of paralysis. Some seem concerned about disclosure to their own professional organizations and how they will be perceived. These are men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving their country, county or city and now suffer health issues because of it. Many of them don’t ask my advice, thus I don’t give it. I do, however, make an effort to communicate how I dealt with my own issues if time permits. This gives them options in case they aren’t seeking treatment or resolutions. Some are simple and things many of them already do; maintain a schedule or a regimen, exercise, try to get regular sleep either through natural means or if necessary medication and talk to trusted family and friends about their problems and concerns. Other resolutions include counseling, such as EMDR which helped rid me of most of the physical symptoms of my grief and anxiety. I believe that I can do better in making these options known instead of relying on happenstance. This blog is simply one of them.
Veterans Day
Grief and Personal Testimony


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