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Two more books in my (near) future

Last week I finished my follow up to A Failed State, the second book in the trilogy called “Relapse: A Damien Collins Saga” It is what it sounds like, the adventures of Damien and members of his team as they try to navigate the uncharted waters of commitments to war and family. I feel that this novel does a better job of illustrating the relationship between the teammates, develops their characters and even discusses the trials of war related health issues. There is still plenty of action, I just felt that these topics deserved some real attention.

My second book is huge departure from the writing I have been used to and what comes easily to me. That being said, however, it is an experience I am all too familiar with. It can best be encapsulated in the books title:

RISE AGAIN: Hard Truths About Grief and Dominating Its Landscape

I’ve learned how to survive one of the best debilitating experiences of my life and feel this knowledge could intrinsically help others. Putting these understandings in print could go a long way for someone. Even if only a few people use the lessons I’ve learned, the book is well worth the effort. I never want to know that someone who lost a loved one could not go on and gave up. I was there, I know what that looks like and I also know that its survivable. In fact, someone can do amazing things in the wake of loss and grief. I can’t wait to start this one.


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