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Andrew E. Coussens spent nearly eight years deployed as a contractor for a classified US government program that is still active in numerous areas of the world in support of the War on Terror.

He spent three years simultaneously training partner nations in counter-terrorism tactics for the US State Department’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

Since leaving these programs, Mr. Coussens has been employed as a consultant for The Activity Group, a company that provides field-trauma solutions for the US military (AFRICOM), Federal law enforcement agencies, SWAT/Emergency teams, and tactical medical programs worldwide.
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Finding the positive path through the Landscape of Grief and Personal Loss In this personal and emotionally charged 60 minute Keynote Andrew unpacks his own true life story of tragedy, loss and life experiences that will not shed light of the violence of war but also give guidance towards a positive future for those who have been in his shoes.
In the Line of Fire

Learning to Manage PSTD and anxiety after the fight is over Former Protective Security Specialist and Medic for the CIA, Mr. Andrew Coussens shares his experiences while deployed and how to address PTSD and Anxiety downrange and at home. During this 60 minute stage performance Andrew will illustrate the threats downrange that were only overshadowed by the battle in his mind. IN this speech the audience will learn how to deal with grief anxiety and personal self doubt.
in the line of fire